Coming from a business background with a creative eye and a certain charm, Jennifer Stevens is one that you would call a triple threat: precision, quality and care all come into play. Writing, the name of her first love, served as an outlet for her during those tween years of growing pains — so much, that she became a nationally and internationally published writer by age 12. The art of dress was another art form that she found, and thus developed an appreciation for fashion.

Jennifer has developed a network of well-respected individuals that work within the art and fashion fields. After working marketing and public relations positions for luxury brick-and-motor establishments as well as international e-shops and gaining a following from her tumblr, she decided to combine her two loves — writing and fashion, into one: she worked for several well-known fashion publications, where she previously served as a fashion and managing editor as well as worked on set as a stylist, editor and art director and is also a model with STATE, with an emphasis on beauty and fitness.

On a quest to use her business degree while being able to still work in the creative space, Jennifer took on a new path. Enter business development and sales: Jennifer moved into this field and served first as a manager for a SaAs platform that catered to top e-commerce companies. She gained the experience of being a ‘player coach,’ managing as well as mentoring others within the field to grow professionally and personally, while simultaneously bringing in wins from some of the best names in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space. She then worked for a full service photo provider that specialized in offering all services for post production at a director level.

Today, Jennifer has taken her love for fashion, relationship building and communications to the next level at Coloredge, where she leads business development. Tying in her passion of connecting people with seamless communication and creative services, this is a great new chapter in her life that she is excited to partake in. And, she still participates as a CD/producer with some of her clients.

Jennifer also writes résumés and bios... just like she wrote this one.

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